Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Piece Of My Heart

My six year old niece is visiting from Georgia this week. Let me just say, first of all...I absolutely adore her. When she was born she became a piece of my heart. I miss her when we are apart and I cherish every fun and wonderful moment that we spend together. I only see her about two times per year, but the time is quality time, for sure. I devote every moment we have together to bonding and doing interesting and fun activities. We make up games, create art, read stories, snuggle and chat. 

The most important part of our relationship is that we know how much we love each other and how special we are together. We are both artists, and for whatever reason, I know how she thinks. I know what she is going to say about things, before she gets the words out, because I understand how her mind works.

Last night after I read her a book about a baby dolphin she said, "Aunt Ally, It's not good that we don't live together. I wish we all lived at your house. I don't like not seeing you all the time." I have felt that was since the day she was born. 

She will go home on Saturday and a piece of my heart will go with her. I wish that everyone with a special and wonderful child in their life will take the time to create memories that they can both cherish for the rest of your lives. Fostering a bond and a loving relationship with a child is a gift that lasts forever.

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